Social media. Get it? Got it?


If you’re reading this blog, maybe you’re part of that rare breed of marketers who has embraced social media as a true and reward-delivering marketing tool. But, many marketing companies out there just “don’t get it.”

In a recent column posted on the Social Media Insider by Cathy Taylor, she explains just how agencies aren’t “walking the walk of social media.”

Consumers are currently spending 7.5% of their online time at community sites and they spend 5% of their time on search sites – just two statistics that make Taylor wonder why companies aren’t participating more in social media.

She brings up a great point that it’s more than just having a blog, or a Facebook account. Companies must actively participate. Keep blogs current, post often, and give them purpose.

“As for blogs, the number of agencies that have them is growing, but overall they’re still pretty spotty in terms of technical chops and raison d’etre, and there’s at times an embarrassing level of ‘Gee whiz! We’re blogging!’ to some posts.”

As you start out, pretend like you actually know what you’re doing and learn as you go. Even social media moguls like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and MySpace’s Tom Anderson still learn and experiment with new ways to market.


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