Taking theater lessons

You may want to be looking beyond that large stack of resume’s from business school grads and to those with a more creative background. An article in the latest issue of BtoB suggests that marketers begin staffing their departments with theater majors. The suggestion comes after looking at a widespread marketing struggle – finding a way to create entertaining customer experiences.

“Consider this: While it’s socially awkward to stand up and walk out of a boring keynote at an in-person event, people don’t hesitate to close the window on a boring webinar or virtual spaces presenter. It turns out old-fashioned theatrical skills are even more important online.”

People like to be entertained, even while they’re learning about products. The Web has moved past it’s days of strictly being a one-directional media. Online media has become interactive, and people are more likely than ever to participate.

Brainstorm with your teams ways to get customers engaged while they’re on your site. Take some chances with your marketing and don’t be afraid to try out new ideas like blogs, podcasts and live chat features.


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