The art of persuasion

How do I persuade you? Seth Godin, recently asked this recent Green Eggs and Ham, Seuss-style post.

Do I show you a powerpoint filled with bullets?
Or give you a spirited sales pitch while looking you in the eye…

Perhaps I should send a very attractive salesperson.

Do I amplify my word of mouth and be sure you hear about my idea from three people you trust?
Do I minimize fear or maximize gain?

Are you best persuaded in a group, surrounded by your boss or your employees or your family or people you trust? Will it matter if those around you give me a standing ovation?

Can I persuade you over time, drip, drip, drip, or do you respond better if you feel an avalanche is coming?

Would you like them here or there? Would you like them in a house? With a mouse? On a box with a fox?

The list can go on and on, you can read it all here.

All storytelling aside, Godin does bring up a very good question. What is the best way to persuade our customers to buy?

What persuades one customer may fail on the next. He makes a point that “our personal outlook is a lousy indicator of what works for anyone else.”

So, what are we to do?


Analyze your customer in detail – When do they buy? How do they buy? What do they buy? How often? How much?

Who is your customer? Where are your customers coming from? How large are their companies?

Do your research and try to paint a picture of who your customer is. Tailor your marketing efforts to what will persuade them and test, test, test. Look at your results and keep doing what works.

And thank you, Dr. Seuss.


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