Copywriting tips from top gurus

I’ve got to thank those gurus over at MarketingSherpa for sharing their tricks of the trade and some great copywriting tips. In a recent blog post, the author shares the wonder that is the ellipsis (you know “…”).

Especially on the web, people don’t read, they skim, catch a few words here and there, maybe read a sentence if you’re lucky.

This is why the bullet point list is so handy. You give the people what they want quickly in short lines.

But you can’t write up a landing page full of bullet points, which is when you can put some ellipses to use.

The art of getting a paragraph — or a long sentence — read is all about catching the eye. An ellipsis gives you five glorious letter-free spaces in the middle of the paragraph to grab the eye with. An example:

Acme’s widget helps you make more money … lower your costs … impress your boss … and keep your career going strong.

A word of caution – use your ellipses wisely. If you go too far it may start looking like you the period button got jammed on your keyboard.


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