They don’t care what you say

An article in the New York Times, “Hoping to Make Phone Buyers Flip,” follows the struggles of LG Electronics through designing a new cell phone model. Phone consumers are “gadget conscious” shoppers, buying a new phone every nine months. The deciding factor if a phone will fly off the shelves – popular appeal.

The world has changed,” said Jeremy Dale, who is in charge of marketing for mobile devices at Motorola, Images where fortunes tumbled with the decline of its once popular Razr. “There is more relevance in what other consumers say than what the company is saying.”

“The strongest marketing tool is the first 20,000 people who buy the device,” Mr. Dale of Motorola said. “If they like it, they will tell their friends.”

We all know that you made your widget, you are the sole expert on its functionality, its design, and all the fancy little details, but we (as consumers) don’t care. We want to know how everyone else likes it. Does it work? Will it fill my need?

Encourage consumers to give you feedback on your products. Share that feedback where customers can see it – on your website, a comment section on product pages or mixed into email copy.

I’m not saying that we don’t trust you, we do. We just trust our friends more. Sorry.

On the same note, here’s a video I found from Microsoft recommending word of mouth marketing.


One response to “They don’t care what you say

  1. Marketing is professional communication. With professional communication comes skepticism.

    You can learn more about the psychology of skepticism in marketing in our white paper: “The Psychology of Marketing.”

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