Two small business marketing hurdles

Today a friend sent me this great little article, “Two of the Biggest Hurdles.” The author brings up an interesting question – why do small businesses have trouble marketing themselves consistently?

The answer is because there are two big hurdles in the way – perfection and fear of failure. The author goes on to give some tips on getting over or around the two.

Hurdling perfection:

Obsession with perfection can delay work significantly.

Perfection is not bad in itself, but can be when it holds you back from putting a “good enough” idea out.

Put your ideas out there, then pull them back in and analyze how you could have done it better. Keep repeating the process until you get as close to perfection as possible.

Be willing to start somewhere, accept mistakes and learn from them.

Focus on the pursuit of perfection.

Hurdling fear of failure:

Marketing takes time and effort and everything doesn’t always work when you first try it.

Failure can be positive, because it allows you to learn from your mistakes.

The important thing is to keep trying, even if you make a complete mess of it the first go around.

Be courageous. Focus on achieving the ultimate result.

First test your marketing efforts on a small group. Make tweaks where needed, test again and then go big.

Do your best to clear these hurdles and get your ideas out there. Don’t let perfection or the fear of failure stand in the way of a potentially great marketing idea.


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