Give ‘em something good (and free!)

You’ve done the SEO, and made the first page of Google.  You’ve designed your page for maximum usability.  Your products are easy to order.  But the person landing on your page is just looking.  So how do you keep them there and more importantly, keep them coming back?

For many site owners, the answer is widgets and links to free goodies.

Widgets are small downloadable applications that relate to your customer’s business or personal lifestyle.  For example, a realtor might include a desktop mortgage calculator prospective clients can place on their own computer and use as they house hunt.   An elementary educational supplies site might want to add a widget for creating word search puzzles or word of the day lessons.  Trainers and managers might find the Citrix’s Extentrix Widget, an online meeting organizer, a great addition to their computer.

Sites like Widgetbox  or Yahoo Widgets can provide you with hundreds of free or low cost widgets visitors can use on your site or in many cases, download to their own PC or Mac – either way, it’s a great way to associate your site with value and functionality.

Widgets and freebees that help the client or prospective in their personal life are also a way to create value and “stickiness.”   Consider creating a catchy free ring tone that visitors can send to their own handset – sites like PhoneZoo will let you create a ring tone all your own.

Or use one of the many ring tone-creation software packages to create free tones to embed directly in your site for download.  Either way, every time the phone rings, your customers will think of your site  — a free and simple way to help brand your company among site visitors.

Whatever type of widget or freebee you choose, be sure to test it first from several computers over a variety of OS platforms.  While widgets and freebees are a great way to add value a site, there is nothing worse than offering a prospective a give-away that won’t work.


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