“Thank You” pages – just the beginning

I found an eye opening blog post, once again from the gurus over at Marketing Sherpa, explaining how 39% of Sherpa subscribers accept offers on thank-you pages.

“When a prospect signs up for a webinar — or a white paper or newsletter for that matter — be sure to include more hotlinks or offers on the thank-you page they see right after submitting their registration. Prospects are in the perfect mood right then to learn more about you, so they may click on links for white papers or other offers. Why not deepen the relationship right then?”

Thank-you pages offer valuable real estate to keep the “response curve coming.”

Another post on Internet Marketing NewsWatch titled “Thank-You Page Money Magic,” explains how the thank-you page is just the beginning of the relationship with newsletter subscribers.

The author offers six tips on getting the most out of your thank-you page:

  1. Thank the subscriber for signing up. (Remember your manners.)
  2. Inform the subscriber if there’s anything else they need to do. For example, is there a confirmation email they need to be looking out for? If you don’t put the reminder on the thank-you page to check their inboxes, the email may never be opened.
  3. Make it personal. Include a photo and signature if possible. People are more likely to buy from those they feel comfortable with and trust.
  4. Ask for their ideas. Start some two-way conversation. Ask if there is a topic they would like to see covered in the next newsletter issue. Provide a direct link to the idea submission page.
  5. Include a special offer. For example, “I know you signed up for my e-zine to get great tips on [subject matter here]. Wouldn’t you like to get started right away? My [book, special report, teleseminar etc.] will walk you through the entire process, step by step, and you’ll get it immediately. Learn more on the next page.”
  6. Recommend someone else’s newsletter. Called “co-registration.” Find one or two other publishers whose target market matches yours, but who aren’t direct competitors, and cross promote each other on your thank-you pages.

Remember that the thank-you page is not the final step of the registration process, it is the first chance to lay the foundation for a relationship with your subscribers.


One response to ““Thank You” pages – just the beginning

  1. Been reading for a while now. Just wanted to say good job.

    Chris Tackett

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