Blog marketing works for business

Blogging is no longer just a sounding board for complainers, hobbyists and political fanatics. Over the years, blogs have evolved into serious online business marketing tools.

CEPAC, a lawyer marketing firm, wrote up a list of five major reasons to consider blog marketing as a principle advertising tool. All businesses, from lawyers to small business owners, can benefit from interactive blogging.

Why should you use blog marketing? Here are the top five reasons:

  1. Gain website visibility. Blogs can get your business name out on the Web and increase traffic to your main site.
  2. Lead generation tool. Prospective clients may become subscribers to your blog, generating great leads.
  3. Improves client relationships. Blogs can help you position your name as a leader in the field. It offers a place where potential customers and clients can find answers to their most important questions.
  4. Value to the customer. A blog opens up two-way communication with your customer, helping them get expert advice.
  5. A good research tool. Blogs help professionals stay current with hot topics by word of mouth, one of the most credible forms of communication.

Our addition to the list:

Creates a professional network. Not only can you keep up on hot topics, but on your competitors as well. Others in your network could be helpful when you need some advice.

Have any suggestions of your own on how blogging helps business? Post a comment and share your ideas.


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