Creating a business blog in seven steps

So, yesterday we told you why your business needs a blog. Not only to add fuel to your quest for total world domination, but to also increase your site visibility, generate leads and create added value for your customer.

Recently the Microsoft Small Business Center shared their steps to create a blog for business:

  1. Identify your audience. Who are you talking to and why should they read what you have to say?
  2. Decide where your blog should live. Host it on your own site? Setup is usually easier with a blog hosting site like Blogger or WordPress.
  3. Start talking. Write unique content that provides value to the reader. An easy way to get started is by reading other blogs and commenting on their posts with your opinion.
  4. Blogroll. Keep a list of links to other blogs that relate to your topic of expertise. Create a continuous conversation among the blogs on your list.
  5. Emphasize keywords. Strategic use of keywords in headlines and body copy will help search engines find your blog. Linking to other related blogs helps search engine ratings as well.
  6. Keep it fresh. Commit to update your blog on a regular basis. Keep topics as fresh and current as possible.
  7. Watch your traffic closely. Monitor where visitors are coming in from, how often and the quality of the traffic you receive.

Now you have the “why” and the “how.” Get your business’ blog off the ground and running today.


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