Video Case Study: Sea World’s social media program

This video examines how Sea World successfully launched a social media campaign around a new park roller coaster and how they measured the program’s effectiveness. I found the video on Web Strategy by Jeremiah in a post written earlier this month.

Sea World discovered a way to successfully communicate with one social network that had a passion for their product, in this case, roller coasters. The company targeted a specific niche market of roller coaster enthusiasts with the opening of a new ride at their California location.

They used a mix of YouTube and Flickr to publish internal videos and then urged the community called “American Coaster Enthusiasts” to use the media pieces in their own network. Some of the videos Sea World created were downloaded 100,000 times.

Sea World showed a bravery that is sometimes rare with big corporations – they let go of their own content and gave the community power to spread their message. Their trust in the community led to enthusiastic, free promotion and measurable results in the form of increased park visits.

It’s a great video that could spark some ideas within your own company on how to use social media to target niche markets.

Watch it now: Measurement makes a splash at Sea World


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