Five ways your Website wastes your money

You created a Website to increase sales and enhance your business, and have been spending money promoting it all over the Web. Even with all the advertising dollars you spend, your Website could slowly be “leaking” those dollars away, drip by drip.

So, how do you protect your investment and make sure you’re getting the best out of your Website?

Bill Gadless at the B2B Web Strategy Blog shared five ways your Website could be losing you money. Here’s a quick summary of each:

1. You have an unclear, out of date message that could be “out of synch” with your brand. People will lose interest in your site and leave.

2. Your content is bland, unfocused and lacks important keywords. All lead to disinterest for both human visitors and search engine spiders.

3. Clear calls to action are missing. With no clear path to purchase, people will go to a different site where it’s easier to buy.

4. Your landing pages don’t compel the visitor to continue browsing your site or the offers are unappealing.

5. You’re unable to track sales from entry point through to the confirmation page. This critical data could be showing you where your site is falling short.

Take a look at all of these aspects of your Website and try to see where you need to patch up some leaks. Once a person clicks on an ad and lands on your site, it is up to you to keep them there and close the sale.


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