‘Silly’ site traffic – Not very funny

Last Thursday, Seth Godin pointed out a known, but scary truth about Website traffic

“When traffic comes to your site without focused intent, it bounces. Any site, anywhere, anytime. 75% bounce rate within three seconds.”

It’s happened to all of us, you find a great looking article on Digg or click on what seems to be a promising search result, but come to find that the site you land on doesn’t have what you were looking for. So you leave, and do so quickly.

On the business side, a high bounce rate can seriously devalue your Website’s visitor counts.

Seth’s advice – Instead of devising ways to get your bounces to stay, focus on keeping your current visitors engaged.

Here are some of our tips on how to keep visitors on your site and keep them engaged:

Have a clear purpose. You must be able to communicate to your visitor the purpose of your site in a matter of seconds. If a person can’t figure out why they landed on your site, they’re on to the next.

Keep your site simple. Make it easy for visitors to find what they need with organized navigation and keep a close eye on broken links

Use targeted advertising. Create targeted pay-per-click campaigns and take clickthroughs to tailored landing pages.

Provide valuable, timely content. Give visitors access to articles, archives, white papers and past newsletters with archives to old content. Also, create libraries full of audio, video and past webinars for viewers to watch.

Build an interactive community.
Create a forum or host message boards focused on hot topics related to your site. Topics can range from product information to industry tips.


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