Increase survey response rates with tips from the pros

Surveys are a cost effective and quick way to gain insight on what your customers are thinking. If administered correctly, online surveys can be an invaluable business tool.

Like other emails, you can track and test online customer surveys to find out the best way to mold your marketing for your customers. You can even increase survey response rates drastically by molding your survey content correctly.

MarketingSherpa released a new “How To” last week that examines how one survey company creates powerful surveys with high response rates for their small and mid-size business customers.

Tara Zanecki, Director Online Sales Channel at Workshare Inc. boasts that in the past year, four surveys have had completion rates of up to 12% and they have an average 31% completion rate with new online purchasing customers.

With each survey, businesses find something new about their customers, according to Zanecki. Survey results can help marketing companies and small businesses develop effective email subject lines and messaging.

The survey guru shared 12 tips on broadcasting and writing customer surveys. Here are a few of the best survey tips:

Test and retest. Send the survey out to a test list to see how the email renders in different platforms. Testing surveys and having others read them over helps you catch small mistakes like typos that could be embarrassing once sent out.

Keep surveys short. Try to get the information you need in the least amount of questions. She advises no more than 20 questions for emailed customer surveys, but adds that B-to-B surveys may be longer.

Follow send best practices. The middle of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) is generally are the ideal days to send. If you’re sending to international customers, think about where they are. An email sent on Friday to a customer in China may be received on Saturday.

Survey the competition. Take a look at your competitors’ surveys and complete them, with an honest opinion. The more surveys you take, the more you find out what you like and don’t like.

Read the full “How To” at MarketingSherpa.


2 responses to “Increase survey response rates with tips from the pros

  1. The addsurveys introduces theories and concepts, but always with a focus on practical application. The survey novice needs to collect real and useful information about customer survey needs or perceptions — or research other groups of interest such as employees.

  2. This is really nice to read and thanks to share it.

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