Drug companies move big marketing money to the Web

Big-name pharmaceutical companies are planning to move truckloads of marketing dollars from traditional methods to online marketing. Special thanks to Mark at HRmarketer for bringing this to our attention.

As a whole, pharmaceutical drug companies spend about $30 billion each year on marketing (yes, that’s a ‘b’). This year, those billions will be spent less on radio and TV and more on Web sites, search engine marketing and direct e-mail marketing.

Drug companies have been marketing for a long time and know how to do it very well. Their move to the Web should be a reassuring sign to all industries, including training providers, that putting money into the Web is crucial to growing your business.

After peer advice, the Internet is where HR professionals go to find HR product and service vendors.

“Those HR professionals make up the majority of training product buyers for their companies,” said TrainingTime e-Commerce Manager Helene Kopel. “Because HR managers rely so heavily on the Web, as marketers we must have an equally strong online presence and target our buyers directly.”

Web 2.0 is not the future, it’s today and it’s where your customers are. Your marketing efforts should follow the same trend – blogs, email marketing, social networking and SEO can all boost your online presence and help get your training product or service in customers’ hands.


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