Forget about high search rankings: Focus on the three “S” strategy

Stop worrying about Google search rankings and forget the even exist. Excuse me, what?

It’s actually the exact advice from a Copyblogger post I came across today. The headline “Here’s How to Stop Worrying About Google Once and for All” was very effective in catching my attention, and the following article had some great advice.

Brian Clark shares how his initial strategy with Copyblogger was to ignore search engines. Why? Because he believes you shouldn’t depend on them for traffic.

Clark’s advice is to pretend like search engines are not a traffic option and focus your efforts on repeat traffic and referral sources.

His three “S” strategy includes:

Subscribers – “Getting someone to voluntarily pay attention to you over time is the greatest gift you can get as an online publisher.”

Social Media – Get other people talking about you. Chatter on other Web 2.0 sites creates quality links and encourages people to visit your site.

Selling – Build trust in your audience through social media referrals and loyal subscribers. Once you have the trust, then you can start selling.


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