How B2C marketing can work (really well) for B2B

It is believed by some in the marketing world that consumer marketing tactics should not be mixed with business to business marketing. However, with a strategic campaign combined with the right product line, B-to-B marketing can reap exceptional results by adopting a few consumer marketing techniques and having some fun.

In a case study released this week, MarketingSherpa overturns that marketing myth and studies how B-to-C marketing can work for B-to-B marketers.

Agilent Technologies markets measurement instruments and lab supplies to scientists, with most communication focused heavily on data and detail. The company designed an online game to supplement their data-heavy marketing and saw a 13.79% conversion rate and beat revenue goals by 278%.

The company focused on these 5 steps:

Decide on a theme focused on key products

Agilent’s marketing team created a “Summer of Fun Giveaway,” featuring bright and tropical Flash animation and focused on a select group of products (syringes, vials and lamps for liquid chromatographs). The game was a simple

Visitors had to register on the site before playing the game, providing their name, company name, email address and mailing address.

Customize user experience and prize giveaway

Agilent looked at their customer database looking at product need and purchase behavior. Depending on purchase history, customers would see a certain set of products during the game.

Everyone who played the game received something. Non frequent buyers received a 15% discount code good toward a future purchase. Frequent and loyal customers received a branded beach towel or small cooler.

Set up limits

In order to not go over budget by providing too many giveaways the company set up prize limits. Only 500 prizes would be awarded and the game would only last for two months.

Use a multi-stage email promotion

The marketing team set up a strategic email campaign, hitting customers with three emails in the weeks prior and during the campaign. After the two month game period, sales representatives called customers who had won the 15% discount.

Track customer response

Tracking customers who played the game and their purchase activity with their prize discount gave the marketing team information on how to set up future campaigns.

Even scientists and researchers like to have a little fun here and there. The marketers in this case learned that mixing in some consumer marketing tactics can boost business to  business marketing efforts.


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