Go beyond “pretty” marketing to deliver true customer value

“When did Marketing become the make-it-pretty department?” asked Sylvia Reynolds, chief marketing officer for Wells Fargo at a recent conference.

Many times marketers get caught up in making marketing “pretty” and lose focus of the main reason for their being – the customer. Their responsibilities include finding, keeping and growing the value of customers.

MarketingProfs recently published an article outlining what it means to be a marketer and how we can all get beyond what they call the “Make it Pretty Syndrome.”

The Profs bring us back to Marketing 101 by explaining what they believe to be the four “critical customer-focused marketing processes.” So, take out a pen and paper, there will be a test.

Instead of focusing on the “pretty,” Marketing must be fully concerned with these four processes:

Creating value
Communicating value
Delivering value
Managing customer relationships

Organizations depend on the Marketing department to do more than just create “pretty” marketing pieces. While it should still look good, marketers should focus on developing strategies that create and deliver the best customer value possible.


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