New Sherpa chart: An emarketer’s work is never done

MarketingSherpa released their weekly chart, this week focusing on ecommerce marketer survey responses. The Sherpa’s learned a lesson they feel all marketers should be aware of – “Analytics tools can help you really put your customers first, but most don’t get their full value.”

A breakdown of the chart:

Preference centers: a place where customers can choose the content and frequency of emails. This tool will help segment customers and target your message. Preference centers also show respect for customers by not clogging their inboxes with unwanted or too frequent emails.

Personas: customer profiles that represent each major buyer group. Develop a customer profile for your typical customer, and look at your website from their angle. Persona-based design uses the customer buying experience as a base to develop the entire website around.

Usability tests: how easy (or difficult) is your website to use. Organizations benefit from usability tests by putting stakeholders in the position of the customer. Stakeholders experience the confusion and frustration that may go along with the customer buying process.

Tying web analytics with search: organizations use this, but marketers know they can do better. High turnover rates of valuable analytics staff one of Sherpa’s main reason why organizations typically fail in this area.

Segmenting website content: creating pages and content, then using navigation to guide customers to them. The best segmenting uses cookie data to deliver relevant content matched to the user.

It’s an interesting chart that shows us all what we could be doing better, something we already know. Thanks to the Sherpa’s for reminding us that an emarketer’s work is never done.


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