Top five “commandments” for training marketers

Marketo recently posted their “9 Commandments” for marketing high-tech companies, beliefs that can be followed across the business to business marketing world. Especially with training marketers, who just like high-tech marketers, sell their brands to niche markets and face similar challenges.

Most marketers face the same challenges: limited budgets and limited resources. Through it all, they’ve been able to establish a strong brand and “powerful marketing machine.” The following are some of the lessons they’ve learned that are most relevant to training marketers:

  1. Be omnipresent. Training product buyers are using the Web to shop for products the same way they shop for products themselves. Marketo “spread out as many online tentacles as possible” to reach their customer in multiple areas on the Web. If your budget is spread thin, focus on high ROI tactics like a blog and search engine optimization.
  2. Test, but don’t over test. Testing helps you decide what is truly working and what you should throw out. Over testing, by combining too many variables may lead to insignificant results and wasted time.
  3. Train your sales team. While focusing on the marketing is important, it’s also important not to forget about the sales team that is in charge of selling your product. Make sure your marketing message is delivered evenly across all aspects of your business. Your sales team is the voice of your company. Train them to deliver the value of what your selling and explain why you’re different than the rest.
  4. Find balance. Being everywhere at the same time, like we said above, is tough. Don’t let it get you stressed out trying to cover all the bases. Instead, focus on what is working and let go of what’s not.
  5. Build in stages. Don’t try to do it all at once. You may think that you need the best website, with the latest and greatest bells and whistles programmers have to offer, but you can’t do it all today. Build your marketing in pieces.

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