Email deliverability: Stats paint gloomy picture

Thanks to those at My Creative Team THINKing for sending out the warning about the trouble in “Email City” and sharing the new study by the Email Experience Council with us.

You have to create an account to view the report, but here’s the gist of it:

  • 23% of retailers send emails that are completely unintelligible when images are blocked.
  • Of the 77% of intelligible emails, there were significant variations in clarity based on their use of HTML text and alt tags.
  • 42% of retailers designed emails that were a good mix of HTML text and images.
  • 63% of retailers used alt tags on images adequately or extensively.

Outlook 2007 is a major technical reason for increasing deliverability problems, according to THINKing. Marketers should also be aware that the use of HTML and alt tags are large determinants of email deliverability.

Those at THINKing are working on an email marketing white paper covering the topic of technical considerations in email design that will hopefully shed some light on how to increase deliverability rates.


One response to “Email deliverability: Stats paint gloomy picture

  1. Thanks for the kind words. We’ll keep you posted on the availability of our white paper.

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