Business to business guerrilla video tactics

Velocity had an interesting post a few weeks ago about how spending less time and money on company videos can work for B2B companies.

In the past, Velocity would spend more than $50K on short films that took weeks to shoot and edit. They’ve recently been experimenting with “guerrilla” videos that only require a camcorder to shoot and only days to edit and upload to the web.

“The point of guerrilla video is to shoot first and ask questions later. If the footage is disappointing or the experiment is a failure, you’ve lost very little. If you get good footage you’re ready to edit.”

Video content on B2B sites can help tell your story, demonstrate a product and share your ideas.

Instead of wasting money on costly, large scale videos, why not make it simple? Grab your video camera, shoot a quick video and get it out there. Get past the “pretty” and focus on delivering true customer value.

Especially if you have a limited budget, low cost videos can be the solution to a problem you never thought you had the time or money to produce.

Take a chance, test it out and start shooting.


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