Avoid customer survey overload with one quick tip

What do you get when you survey too often? Survey fatigue.

Those at Common Sense PR realize that “there’s a temptation to include custom measurement in every communication activity,” but marketers and public relations professionals should hold back from time to time.

In a recent Quick Tip, they advise to keep your measurement tools less noticeable than the information than you’re trying to communicate. While many customers are happy to fill out a quick survey, asking for too much can cause “survey fatigue” among those who you most want to hear from.

Lesson learned: Ask for customer feedback in the least intrusive way possible.

Example – Before sending post-purchase surveys immediately after a customer checks out, try imbedding a link in the “thank you” email. First thank the customer for their purchase and then ask politely if they would click trough to take a quick survey. It’s not intrusive and gets the job done.


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