SEO tip: Use meta-tags for non-text files

Natural search is the best tactic for generating online leads and outperforms almost all other types of online marketing, according to a recent study out of the U.K. reported by eConsultancy. Meta-tag descriptions are a small piece of the SEO puzzle that can be easily overlooked, but can help search rankings even for non-text files.

Meta-tag keywords and descriptions become more important when the search engines are not able to determine (or have a difficult time determining) the “aboutness” of a file, such as a video file. In this situation, a keyword-focused meta-tag description can make or break search engine visibility.

While meta-tag descriptions have been devalued in the past, some major search engines still use metadata when displaying a page’s listing.

Meta tag descriptions should have three goals:

  1. To encourage searchers to click through to your page
  2. Reinforce the existing content on the page
  3. Help achieve top search engine positioning in results that use meta tags to determine relevance

Meta-tag content alone will not make or break your search engine results, but is still an important factor to remember. Organic, natural search traffic requires a broad knowledge of SEO best practices including (but not limited to) how your site is set up, internal linking structure, page construction and quality content.


One response to “SEO tip: Use meta-tags for non-text files

  1. Meta tags do place an important role even if some search engines don’t value their presence .More important is keyword research to see what keywords your target market are using to find products and services.

    Second would be to write interesting, compelling web copy, that will keep your readers interested enough to want to subscribe to your newsletter, that keeps them returning to your site

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