B2B marketing tip: Use brain power

From Joe Schubert at the B2B Marketing Blog:

“They say that one side of your brain dominates the other. The left is your analytical, rational side. The right is your creative, feelings side. Which is more critical to marketing operations in B2B companies? The answer is both. For marketers, having a balance is more important than executive management might like to admit.”

B2B buyers and training buyers are human beings who should be marketed to like the left-brained, right-brained “oddities” that they are.

Your marketing should aim to get the attention of both sides of your audience members’ brains. Those who are comfortable working with facts and statistics are mainly left-brain dominant. Those who are swayed by creativity and feelings are generally right-brain dominant.

The moral to the story – include a marketing mix of fact-based and feeling-based information in your messages. Along with facts and figures of what your widget can do, include a few customer testimonials in your marketing pitch.

But try to stay away from marketing messages like this:

Bad marketing idea

Bad marketing idea


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