Word-of-mouth marketing opportunity: Short, sweet product reviews at Blippr

Blippr, word-of-mouth marketing

Blippr, word-of-mouth marketing

Blippr is a new product review site with the look and feel of Twitter, where users can easily find and discuss their favorite products in short ‘Blips’ of text.

Right now the site is categorized into reviews for books, games, movies and music, but you can still share product reviews on anything. Similar to Twitter, reviews are short (limited to 160 characters or less) and simple: =D, =), =|, or =(.

Blippr automatically feeds into Twitter, FriendFeed and Facebook. Users can create wish lists, invite friends, follow what their friends are Blipping and agree or disagree to Blipps across the world.

Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful, customers want to know what other customers are saying about your training products before listening to what you have to say. Add Blippr to your growing social media “to-do” list and get busy posting your training books, games or movies.


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