Drip marketing: Everything’s coming up roses

Drip marketing – a marketing strategy using a series of messages delivered over a period of time to a group of opted-in leads.

Though it may be just another way to say ‘lead nurturing,’ drip marketing can add value to customer relationships and will return better results than your average ‘batch and blast’ marketing, according to Ardath Albee at Marketing Interactions.

After a contact accepts your request to email them (remember to follow CAN-SPAM), you then send messages, spaced out according to a predetermined amount of time. Using progressive emails, over time, you form a relationship with the customer. When the customer is comfortable with the relationship, they’ll be more inclined to buy.

“Drip marketing gives you the opportunity to create interactions that help both you and the lead get to know each other better. You provide information they want and they get it because they’re willing to give you more information about themselves with each response they make to your communications.”

Because most B2B sales cycles averaging longer than six months, a well designed drip marketing campaign will help you stay in touch with customers, build your credibility, gain customers’ trust and keep you ahead of the competition.

FYI – While it may sound like a new form of water torture, the term actually comes from a gardening technique called “drip irrigation,” using small amounts of water over long periods of time. The marketing technique comes from the “Law of 29,” the idea that a prospect will only become a customer after viewing a message at least 29 times.


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