Free report: Improve online experience

Idea (Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement) recently released results from their Factors That Improve Online Experiences survey. With importance on visual design and ease of use, the report points out areas where many websites are lacking and dampening user experience.

The report examines the gap between what websites offer and what visitors are looking for. One major finding is that designers and visitors decide whether a site is “effective” or not on different factors. Visitors’ expectations for website effectiveness are much higher than those of designers.

Other key findings affecting online experience include the ease of finding content, timely   information, how quickly a visitor can find information and that visitors still need some “handholding” on websites.

Even if you just take a look at the executive summary, or download the full report, you’ll take away some interesting information that could help ease your customers’ online experience.

Improve Online Experiences Survey

Improve Online Experiences Survey


One response to “Free report: Improve online experience

  1. Great information! It is interesting to see how big a gap can be between the customer and the designer. I have been reading a customer service book that gives lots of advice on how to better your customer service but also points out how easy it is for a customer to go with another option because there are so many choices out there.

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