Wake-up sleepy product descriptions with customer reviews

Are you boring the life out of your customers with tired product descriptions? Simply mixing in customer reviews can bring descriptions to life and make products more appealing.

Sometimes product reviews can sell products better than product descriptions do. Take this example from Future Now writer Holly Buchanan, who was recently looking at a girls’ sports website for a bike helmet:

The product copy had this to say about the helmet:

“The ergonomic designed padding and an additional pad set for the perfect individual fit guarantee ultimate comfort.

The product review had this to say about the helmet:

“The helmet fit both girls well; ages 10 and 12. They must be comfortable because they wear them every time without reminding.”

Which description do you think convinced more parents to buy this helmet?

Not only did the review use more simple language, it also touched on one of parent’s biggest concerns with bike helmets -will their child actually wear it?

Customer product reviews quickly get to the point of why other people would find your product useful. Sure the book has 250 pages full of riveting advice, but why would anyone find it useful or how has someone used what they learned in real life?

Like we’ve said before, people want to know what other people are saying about you and your product before they’ll take your word for it. A short and simple customer review could convince a customer to grab their wallet and buy the product from your site, rather than moving onto the next.


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