Study: Online channels growing, direct mail still king

Most business to business marketers and B2C marketers are using non-catalog direct mail as their primary promotions channel.

“Some 90% of marketers, agencies, and other suppliers of direct marketing services say they use non-catalog direct mail, and nearly half (46%) say it is their primary channel for promotions, according to a news study from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).”

The first edition of the “Direct Mail Best Practices, Benchmarks, and Strategies” report contains benchmarks for using non-catalog direct mail, direct mail best-practices, and overviews of how organizations have overcome marketing challenges.

“Companies still consider non-catalog direct mail a crucial element in their media campaigns.  Despite enormous growth in the online channels, direct mail remains a key and integral component of direct marketing,” said Anne B. Frankel, senior research manager.

While the report’s list price is a bit hefty, you can get a good overview of key findings of the study along with informative charts over at MarketingCharts.


2 responses to “Study: Online channels growing, direct mail still king

  1. Direct Mail is being overlooked by several small businesses, but it is provides a ROI above average if implemented correctly. Mainly I would advise geo-targeting your campaign.
    I also advise my clients to target the proper demographics. Remember that Direct Mail is just one part of the marketing mix. You have to add other elements and measure the responses you get from each.

  2. Thanks for sharing that! Nice post. I just glanced through it.

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