Don’t run a social media campaign

Run a social media marathon.

When marketers think in terms of a campaign, they usually think: beginning, middle and end. Venturing into the world of social media with a “campaign” mentality may land you in some dangerous marketing territory, according to Paul Dunay at Marketing for Technology.

“There is no overnight success when it comes to social media. Sure, we all are reading about some superb viral results out there, but they are the exception, not the rule. And to say you can systematically achieve those results for your clients (either internal or external) is not accurate,” according to Dunay.

Whether you’ve started a blog, online community, webinar or podcast series, it will take time to mature. Marketers must be prepared to stick with their social media endeavors and be prepared to contribute a lot of content.

“The average age of the top 100 blogs listed at Technorati is 33.8 months,” according to Darren Rowse and Chris Garret authors of the Problogger book and blog.

That’s not to say that marketers should forget about a strategy when it comes to social media. The authors of Groundswell created a four-step approach to social media strategy called POST (People, Objectives, Strategy and Technology) that can get you off to a good start.

Just because it may not be traditional, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a strategy.

“In any other business endeavor we start by figuring out what we want to accomplish. Social technologies are not magic. They accomplish things, too. It’s time to stop doing social because it’s cool. It’s time to start doing it because it’s effective.”


One response to “Don’t run a social media campaign

  1. Agreed, a strategy is what is needed. The campaigns are planned inside the strategy. The campaign should not be ‘Social Media’ but rather something specific to accomplish and how you will attempt to do it.

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