Shrinking marketing budget? Don’t get mad, get creative

Sure, marketing during tough times can be tough, really tough. Before you let the size of your budget (or lack of it) make you angry, get creative. Take the time to search for lower-cost ways to get the job done and you’ll come out on top.

Marketing Sherpa recently shared a How To case study on how marketing director Tracy Drumm “took lemons and made lemonade” for a budget-slashed client by focusing on existing customers.

Even though Drumm’s client was a doctor and the customers were plastic surgery patients, her “11 Steps to Frugal Marketing” can be used in any line of business.

After three years of “bare-bones spending” Drumm developed a marketing model that focuses on enhancing customer experience, customer education and word-of-mouth promotion.

Take a look at how her model helped one business “think outside the box” and how her method could help your marketing during tough times.


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