Building customer trust online

Trust in business is down in 13 of 15 industries according to a recent Better Business Bureau/Gallup Trust in Business Index survey.

Almost half of survey participants say they have “some, very little or no trust at all” in companies they do business with in everyday life.

As traditional brick-and-mortar businesses move into an online world, building and keeping customer trust is more important than ever before. Rather than selling, put your marketing focus on customer service, trust and long-term value.

“The most straightforward advice we can give business executives is to remember that customers will do business with you tomorrow only if they (and their friends, colleagues and associates) trust you today.” – BtoBonline.

How do we build customer trust?

Give customers valuable information to help solve their problems.

A shiny, new product may look very nice, but valuable content (and lots of it) is what will help customers solve problems. Providing helpful and relevant content will position your brand as a resource, encouraging customers to come back the next time a problem comes up.

“Commitment to and trust in a brand is less about slick promotional campaigns and more about trusted relationships.” – Junta 42.

Integrate content into your marketing strategy and build true value for customers. To help you get started, Junta42 put together The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing.


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