‘Bad’ online business ideas that made millions

NicheGeek compiled a list of 10 off-the-wall business ideas that will have you asking yourself “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Among my favorites:

The Million Dollar Homepage

1,000,000 pixels per page, a dollar per pixel. Think it would never work? Well, 21-year-old Alex Tew is now a millionaire.

Million Dollar Homepage

Million Dollar Homepage

Lucky Wishbone Co.

Who needs fake wishbones? And who’s actually looking for them online? Turns out somebody makes them and a lot of people want them. And, they actually break thanks to a “Revolutionary Advance in Plastic Wishbone Technology!”

Lucky Wishbone Co.

Lucky Wishbone Co.


Can’t think of a cool domain name? Let someone else do it for you. The site is so popular that there’s a waiting list of people who are willing to pay someone else to think of a great domain name for them.

Check out the full list of “ That Made Someone Rich,” and have a happy Friday.


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