Online marketers lack connection with offline channels

New research shows that only 55% of online marketers coordinate or integrate offline channels with search marketing efforts, according to the iProspect Search Engine Marketing Integration Study conducted by JupiterResearch.

The study found that almost half (45%) of marketers fail to make a connection between online and offline marketing pieces.

Of those who intentionally integrate online efforts with offline channels:

  • 34% integrate with direct mail
  • 29% integrate with magazine or newspaper advertising
  • 12% integrate with television advertising
  • 12% integrate with radio advertising

Though integration is lacking, past studies have shown that two-thirds (67%) of search engine users are driven to search by an offline channel. Almost 40% of those offline-influenced search users end up making a purchase from the company that prompted their initial search.

The main reason for not integrating online and offline efforts is due to a lack of budget. Other reasons include a lack of human resources, failed to consider, lack of senior management buy-in and a separation between people managing search marketing and offline channels.

Using online and offline marketing tactics together can result in better returns on your marketing investments than if you were to keep them separate. Your goal should be to have all of your marketing efforts working together to promote your business.

How to integrate your offline and online marketing efforts:

  • Include your URL or domain name on every print marketing piece that goes out. Print it on your company letterhead and business cards. Give customers every available opportunity to contact you and possibly make a purchase.
  • Pay attention to where your sending customers. Create campaign-specific landing pages with unique, simple URLs to accompany offline marketing pieces (ex. If you’re promoting a certain product, don’t send customers to the homepage, send them to the product page or special landing page.
  • Introduce the print marketers to the online marketers. The reports mentioned above cited a lack of communication between online and offline marketers as one of the reasons for the disconnect. Introduce these people in your company and get them working together to improve overall marketing efforts.
  • Deliver a consistent message. What your telling customers offline should be the same thing you’re telling them online and vice-versa. Using a consistent message and images across all channels, with repetition and reinforcement will help retain a prospect’s attention.

Get the most out of your marketing and advertising campaigns by integrating your efforts. By using offline and online marketing efforts together you’ll create a more effective campaign with higher returns.


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