Web 2.0: It’s right, even if you’re doing it wrong

I came across some great Web 2.0 advice today from Mark Willaman at the HRmarketer Blog in a post titled “Web 2.0. Do Something. Even if it is Wrong!

The title alone is enough advice, but Willaman goes on to explain that sitting around talking about “stuff” is a waste of time and more businesses need to focus on “execution” in order to get things done. The idea being especially true for business and social media.

“Many human resource suppliers are sitting around trying to figure out how to use Web 2.0 features. They talk about it a lot but don’t do anything.”

When businesses think about starting a blog, they generally focus on questions rather than how Web 2.0 tools could help their business and end up getting nothing done. He’s been telling one client they should start a blog:

“They would be perfect for it and I’m convinced the blog would pay enormous dividends for them by bringing increased traffic to their site, engaging customers, etc. But they are worried about the time it may take to make posts, who would make postings, if the postings would hurt the brand, etc. So they do nothing.”

Not understanding the technology is not an excuse. Look around your organization, there will be someone who is familiar with social media. Ask the twenty-something new employee or the guy in the creative department, there’s sure to be someone who knows what to do.

Willaman advises readers to start reading up on the subject if you’re feeling worried. Even if you’re not worried, but everyone else at your company is, he points out a great book with ideas on how to get your business started in social media.

So, whether it’s right or wrong, get up and do something. Start a blog, a wiki, Tweet and make some Facebook friends. Whatever you do in the Web 2.0 world, as long as your “doing” not just talking about it, can only help.

3 responses to “Web 2.0: It’s right, even if you’re doing it wrong

  1. Hello Training Marketer,

    Appreciate the reference to my posting and glad you found some use for it. I’ve been poking around your blog and I’m finding some good stuff. Keep up the great work. – Mark

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