Friday marketing humor: How to know you’re fired

So, we know temps are taking our marketing jobs because the economy is lousy and budgets are so tight businesses can hardly pay to keep the lights on. Know the signs of an imminent pink slip before your employer makes the decision to make any job cuts in the marketing department.

We’ve done some research here at the Training Marketer and have put together the top 10 signs you’re about to get fired:

  1. You get to work and have only one email from your boss with “Call me” as the subject line. Inside are instructions to report directly to HR.
  2. You get to HR and they kindly ask you to shut the door behind you.
  3. You’re told to hand in your company badge for the “annual security badge cleaning event.”
  4. You return from lunch and the door code isn’t working.
  5. Your boss keeps staring at you and it’s not because of the stain on your shirt.
  6. Your name has mysteriously vanished off your office door.
  7. Your coworkers start asking if they can have your stapler.
  8. The janitor leaves an empty cardboard box at your desk and it’s not for archiving files.
  9. A strange coworker comes by to look out your office window, “just to check out the view.”
  10. You show up to work and there’s somebody new sitting at your desk.

Another sign you’re getting fired: Someone asks you “So, what would you say … you do here?”

Remember your people skills and have a happy Friday!


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