Improve how your marketing team works with online communication tools

We’ve talked before about how Twitter can help your business, but there may be a better, award winning solution out there to help your company’s internal communication.

“Essentially Twitter for business,” Yammer takes microblogging to the next level by keeping communication contained on separate business networks.

Anyone with a company email address can register and create a company network. Registered employees stay in touch with each other by posting short messages on a shared public forum.

Like Twitter, Yammer asks users one question: “What are you working on?”

Instead of cluttering inboxes and lowering productivity with messages sent by mass email. Yammer allows employees to share simple messages, such as the status of a project, with the entire group in just seconds.

Realistic uses for Yammer in the office:

  • Keep remote employees, or employees out in the field connected with the main office.
  • Managers can quickly share short messages with every member of their team.
  • Sales teams can tell other company departments about impressive sales numbers or newly acquired accounts.
  • Employees can share the status of a project and when it is ready for the next step in production.
  • HR or event coordinators can share news of an upcoming activity.

Whether your business has 10, 30 or 300 employees, staying connected is critical to the success of your business. Simple to use, online communication tools like Yammer could help your team stay connected and informed during our busy workweeks.


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