SEO/SEM advice from across the web

Do you know how to find the right keywords for your online marketing strategy and how to leverage those keywords to allow customers find your site and training products easily?

The right SEO and SEM strategies can mean the difference between your site making it to the top of search results or being virtually invisible. Here’s some great tips and information from across the blogosphere to strengthen your strategy:

Ian Lurie from Conversation Marketing shares 10 SEO and Marketing-Friendly Title Tag Formulas that will help quiet some arguments around the office.

Marketing Sherpa answers 15 SEO questions including: Is the long-tail keyword dead?

SEO Guy Shavkat Karimov predicts that in the next year or two SEO will become obsolete and personalized search will take over. Is no more SEO a reality?

Anne Haynes from Kansas City SEO and SEM recently sent out a question on her Twitter network asking SEO experts whether they use underscores or hyphens when constructing websites.

Is it possible to outsmart search engines? Jason Kintzler from PitchEngine explains how to use the latest SEO techniques and online tools to build your credibility within media outlets.

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