A lesson on email marketing from spammers

Out of the thousands of unsolicited emails they send out, email spammers somehow continue to steal people’s credit card or banking information who unassumingly open spammers’ messages and even buy fake products.

What are the spammers’ secrets to improving email open rates?

Maki at DoshDosh recently explained how email spammers have broken through trust barriers, convincing people to open emails from strange senders. Spammers got their name for a reason, but some of their tactics may be useful in the marketing world.

As marketers, what can we learn from email spammer tactics?

Use topics your customers are familiar with to arouse interest in your marketing message.

“Every single blog post or salesletter you write can be filled with comparisons, analogies, metaphors, name-drops, references and citations that make your offer/idea more vivid. More familiar. More enticing. So focus on getting your audience interested first, because if they tune out right from the start, they’ll never absorb your pitch or give you a second chance.”

Great advice, read the full post from DoshDosh.


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