Is your business sending a clear marketing message?

With everything you want to say to your customer, keeping your marketing message clear can be difficult. But …

“If readers don’t understand what you write, you might as well have written nothing at all,” according to Skellie at Copyblogger.

So, how do you give the customer all the information they want without muffling the message? Start with these tips for delivering a clear message:

  • Remember the three top enemies of writing for the web – metadiscourse, redundancy and pretentiousness.
  • Keep it simple. If your mom, kid or neighbor can’t understand what you’re saying, chances are your customers will be lost as well.
  • Talk directly to your customer. Using “you” in your message creates engaging copy on a personal level.
  • Use punctuation to bring attention to important information. Ellipses (…), quotes, and long dashes can help people read what’s important in short bites.
  • Keep it short. No one has time to sit around and read essays, give customers information in short, quick snippets.

Those at Human Markets recently sent a crystal clear lesson reminding us to keep our messages precise:

“Lesson for the wise communicator – the market for attention is frequently a cloudy distracted place. Clear signals and a bit of tailoring to the circumstances at hand frequently help interrupt the pattern.”


One response to “Is your business sending a clear marketing message?

  1. Thanks for the note and the visit to HumanMarkets. I appreciate the mention and I love your site!

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