HR buyers use Web first to research products and services

Human resource executives first turn to the Internet when searching for information related to HR products and services, according to the latest survey from HR Marketer.

On Monday HR Marketer released their Internet Research Behavior Survey, part of their ongoing Trends in HR Marketing report series, revealing the latest trends in HR buyer behavior.

The survey focused specifically on “how Internet, Web 2.0 and social network technologies are impacting the purchasing of products and services for HR and employee benefits professionals.”

HR Buyer Behavior Research

HR Buyer Behavior Research

Highlights of the survey include:

  • 64% of HR buyers use the Internet first when researching HR products and services.
  • More than half of HR buyers surveyed use the Internet at least once each week to find HR-related information.
  • Most HR buyers visit several sites to gather information, rather than relying on a single resource.
  • Almost half of those surveyed attend an HR-related webinar at least once each quarter.
  • About two-thirds of HR buyers read at least one white paper or research report each quarter.
  • LinkedIn is the most popular business-related social networking site, followed by Facebook and MySpace.

Visit HR Marketer to download Trends in Human Resource Marketing.

2 responses to “HR buyers use Web first to research products and services

  1. Thanks for mentioning our report, it is very much appreciated. I hope you, and your readers, are able to take some good information away from it!

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