Blogging for business, 8 quick tips

So, you started a business blog. Good job. Now, it’s time to start writing.

Can’t come up with something to talk about?

When you’re blogging for business it can be easy to run out of ideas, but luckily we have people out there eager to share their tips for writing online content. People just like Pete Caputa, who wrote an article outlining easy ways to write quick articles for business blogs.

Caputa’s advice:

  1. Learn the art of aggregator blogging. Odd name, easy process. This is how it works: scan blog articles your audience would like (check out Alltop, Digg or Technorati), republish a paragraph or two with a link back to the original source, add a sentence or two of your own on why the article was interesting.
  2. Interview experts. Interview experts in your industry through email. Post the questions and answers as an article. You’ll spend the most time coming up with questions, once you send the email your work is basically done.
  3. Create a link blog. Usually created as part of a web site or larger blog, a link blog focuses mainly on what the name implies – links. There’s no writing required and they tend to attract numerous inbound links. Take a look at HubSpot’s link blog as an example.
  4. Run guest articles. Soliciting guest articles is a great way to connect with other bloggers in your industry and build interesting content. Depending on how great the article turns out, it could end up driving a lot of traffic to your blog.
  5. Revisit past content. Take a look at some of your old blog posts. Post an excerpt of the article, then expand on your previously written content with fresh information and new thoughts.
  6. Hold a contest. Everyone likes to win stuff, right? I recently found a great blog contest to determine which reader owned the ugliest tie. Whether the contest is silly or directly related to business, it can generate multiple posts and reader comments.
  7. Create lists with other blog lists. The post you’re reading right now is an example of this idea (thanks, Pete!). Many of the most popular bloggers out there regularly use lists in their posts. They’re perfect online content because they’re quick and easy to skim through.
  8. Ask questions. Questions are great ways to start conversations on your blog among readers. Nobody knows everything, engage your readers with a question and encourage participation.

The thought of writing a blog post can seem like a lot of work, but with a few tips and tricks you’ll be finished in no time. Blogging is a great way to build your network and start conversations with customers. Remember, even if you’re doing it wrong, it’s right.

2 responses to “Blogging for business, 8 quick tips

  1. Thanks for the insight. I’ve got lots of experience to share, but a very steep learning curve currently in the blogosphere.

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