LinkedIn, the new B2B market research resource

LinkedIn B2B Surveys

LinkedIn B2B Surveys

LinkedIn recently announced a new service, called LinkedIn Surveys, that enables business-to-business researchers and investors to gather market research from network users.

LinkedIn Surveys will allow market researchers to contact and question the network’s  30 million professionals across the globe, approximately half of whom are IT and  business decision makers.

“The expanded userbase can provide vital B2B information to marketers, who will also have the ability to categorize the responses by seniority in their company, age, function, country and company size,” according to Bill Holmes at Overdrive Interactive.

In return for participating in the surveys, users will be compensated with rewards including gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy, or users can make a donation to charities. LinkedIn profits from the undisclosed amount of money researchers will pay for access to users’ personal data.

“LinkedIn overcomes quality and authenticity issues that other sample providers face,” said Dan Shapero, Director of Business Services, LinkedIn in a company press release. “Because of the public and self-policing nature of LinkedIn, members provide deep and accurate profile information and they update that information constantly.”

The news should be a welcomed gift for most in the database marketing world since good B2B market research and lists can be hard to find. If it all goes according to plan, “this could be a significant step forward in using a social media platform to garner vital data from their userbase.”

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