Fix your attendance tracking problem for good

One-third (33%) of American workers played hooky from work at least once this year, admitting they called in sick when they were well, according to’s annual absenteeism survey.

While most employers rarely question an employee’s reason for missing work, 31% of employers admit to checking up on a “sick” employee and 18% have gone as far as to fire an employee without a legitimate excuse for absence.

The top reasons employees gave for missing work include not feeling like coming to the office, they needed to relax and recharge, to catch up on sleep and to miss a work meeting.

Most employers who checked up on an employee who called in sick required the employee to show a doctor’s note upon returning to work, while others called the employee at home or even drove by the employee’s home as proof.

Whether you require employees to have a legitimate excuse for missing work or not, tracking employee attendance is usually one of a manager’s least favorite tasks.

If you’re a manager or supervisor looking for a way to eliminate attendance paperwork by moving to an electronic attendance tracking method, we have an upcoming webinar that could shed some light on a possible solution.

During one, 30-minute “lunch and learn” presentation you’ll gain an understanding of how unscheduled absenteeism affects your bottom line, the benefits of using attendance software and how moving to an electronic system saves your business time and helps the environment.

Join us for Software Basics: Track Attendance Electronically Like a Pro on Wednesday, November 5, 2008 at 1 p.m. ET.


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