Election Day marketing links, cast your vote

After months and months of tireless campaigning and inspirational marketing messages, November 4 is finally here. To help celebrate this Election Day, here’s some election-inspired marketing advice from across the blogosphere:

The 2008 election has been “the biggest marketing event” ever seen, according to Danny G. at AdPulp. This election has uncovered a number of lessons marketers and advertisers can apply, just read through a few of his random election eve thoughts.

Brand managers fight to influence how their brands are positioned in the minds of their target audiences in almost the same way political strategists fight to position their presidential candidate in the minds of voters. Brad VanAuken from the Branding Strategy Insider compares the benefits of two brands (McCain and Obama) and what qualities their target audiences find most important.

“There are some lessons for every marketer, regardless of nationality or political leanings,” to be learned from “the most talked about election in the history of the world,” according to Seth Godin. He put a lot of hard work analyzing the election and how it can teach marketers some valuable lessons, so get over there and read his post.

Are the majority of Americans brand buyers or value shoppers when it comes to choosing a president? Read Tom Pick’s latest post, “McCain, Obama, and Marketing Part 2: Brand vs. Value,” at WebMarketCentral.com.

Just for fun, here’s a classic video from ToddAnd for anyone who needs a little review on the Electoral College.


One response to “Election Day marketing links, cast your vote

  1. Thanks for the link to Seth Godin’s post. His point about the importance of stories is spot-on. Obama couldn’t win on “features” since his policies (higher taxes, less freedom, more reliance on foreign oil) are highly unpopular. But his story was a winner.

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