Harvest valuable business opinions on LinkedIn

According to a recent survey, the professional social network LinkedIn can provide market researchers with an “efficient and effective source of qualified business opinion” with access to key decision-makers.

Two-thirds (66%) of LinkedIn survey participants have decision-making power or influence over purchase decisions in their organization, according to a poll conducted by Anderson Analytics.

This new research may give a boost to LinkedIn’s new survey service. LinkedIn Surveys gives researchers the ability to contact and question the network’s 30 million professionals. Now, with reasearch revealing that two-thirds of those members have influence over purchase decisions, LinkedIn Surveys may prove itself to be a valuable resource for B2B marketers.

Should businesses care about LinkedIn? “Of course they should,” says Brian Wallace at Mashable.

Wallace explains in a recent article how to get the most out of LinkedIn, even with a limited understanding of social media. Any business can use the network to “spread their wings and get connected” using seven key tools. Read his article for the full list, but here are just a few:

  • Q&A – With the look and feel of Yahoo Answers, you can have a Q&A-style discussion with others in your industry.
  • Recommendations – Clients and coworkers can post recommendations about you and your business, allowing future contacts to rate your skill and trustworthiness.
  • Check up on the competition – Network updates gives you an overview of who your competition has friended, groups they’re a part of and people they recommend.

We’re on LinkedIn (check out our profile), are you? How are you using LinkedIn to improve your personal and business networks?


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