Co-op, online collaboration without distraction

Co-op is a new, free web application that is similar to using Twitter at work, but makes it even easier to update and stay connected with co-workers.

Using Co-op, co-workers can post status updates on what they’re working on and check to see what their colleagues are busy with. Co-workers can ask each other questions, share knowledge, track time and update agendas all in one place with Co-op.

Instant messages can be distracting and it can take time to scan through a list of Tweets, but Co-op allows teams to quickly update each other and stay connected without disruptions.

For example:

Sue in Marketing needs someone from Creative to help with a small task. Instead disrupting the team with an e-mail, instant message or friendly visit, Sue can login to Co-op and take a look at each designer’s status messages. In seconds, Sue can find out who is busy and who looks like they have some time to help her out.

On one screen, teams can see an overview of what they’re working on, their daily agenda and what was completed yesterday. Created specifically for the workplace, it could be a great communication tool for coworkers and a new way to interact in the office.

And the best part – it’s free! Visit Co-op and find out if it can improve how your team works.

Co-op Anatomy

Co-op Anatomy


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