Free ebook: Using social media for business

Today, John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing released a new ebook dedicated to help small businesses tap into the power of social media. When executed correctly, social media has the ability to enhance your overall marketing mix and improve your business.

Jantsch warns readers that some of the tools mentioned in the book won’t be right for your business and how others use tools may not fit either, but he adds:

“The power contained in the new way people expect to communicate – and therefor you must learn to communicate – is something that every small business must come to understand.

Standing out and marketing a business takes work, but many of the social media tools make that work much easier and, for the small business that gets that, creates a tremendous competitive advantage.”

And that’s exactly why Jantsch created his latest ebook called Lets Talk: Social Media for Small Businesses. Download it for free at Duct Tape Marketing.


One response to “Free ebook: Using social media for business

  1. Amazing piece of knowledge!This is a great help for small online business..

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