Friday fun: Signs of social network addiction

Social networking – once you get started, it can be tough to stop.

Twitter may seem like a pointless tool at first, but after making a few (hundred) friends you may find yourself to be a full-fledged addict. There’s even a term for it – Tweetaholism.

If you think you’re on the verge of becoming a Tweetaholic or know someone who may be in need of Twitter rehab, here are just a few signs that you Twitter too much:

  • You’ve lost friends because they have chosen not to join Twitter.
  • You decide not to argue a point with someone because it will take more than 140 characters to respond.
  • You add “tw” to the beginning of every word. “I Twittered my friends from twurch about the tweetup at the twoffee house twonight.”
  • You’re more concerned about improving your Twitter Grade than your performance review.
  • You tell your fiance you will save money on wedding invites because you plan to DM (direct message) most of them.
  • Something goes wrong in your day and you respond “Fail Whale!”

Visit the MBTI blog for the full list of 20 signs you twitter too much, and have a happy Friday!


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